"TabletopStyle" celebrates great cuisine with an exclusive offering of professional quality products for the home tabletop.

Restaurant quality dinnerware for home use is far superior than most retail brands for the following reasons;
  • You can build your dinnerware around your lifestyle and choose not only individual quantities per item, but also choose from a large selection of shapes. You can eat pasta from a pasta bowl... a steak from a chop plate.. or enjoy an after dinner espresso from matching ware. Department store brands limit you to their vision of what a set should be.
  • Restaurant Dinnerware is vitrified. Vitrification is a measurement of porosity in the body and vitrified china literally has no porosity. This matters for durability because air pockets inside the china expand and contract at different rates when heated and cooled, weakening the body. Restaurant ware is "solid" and doesn't weaken when taken from freezer to oven. Yes, more durability costs a bit more but it's worth it!
  • The construction and design of restaurant dinnerware takes into consideration not only issues involving durability, but also stacking, storage, cleaning, and of course superior presentation. Glazes used for restaurant dinnerware are fired at very high temperatures which results in superior performance, use after use!
We invite you to celebrate the difference and join us in maximizing the dining experience for both you and your guests!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@tabletopstyle.com or call 800-856-2802.

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