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Freedom Red

inspiring innovative independent

The Freedom range has been specially designed to assist individuals in maintaining their independence through innovative solutions in eating and drinking. The ability to dine un-aided is welcomed by those with restricted mobility and Steelite believes strongly in protecting this seemingly simple, yet meaningful task. Intended to avoid spillage and provide extra stability, this Performance line is available in the standard color of Freedom Red.

The Freedom plates feature an extra deep well forming a channeled rim that aids in getting the food onto a spoon or fork. This greatly enhances the ease of eating without assistance.

A wide food area adds stability and helps to hold the plate in place during a meal. The curved rim profile catches any tricky overspill and prevents foods from slipping onto the tabletop.

The mug features two sturdy handles large enough to accommodate unsteady fingers and enabling a steady satisfying drink.

A wide base on the mug means easy placement after drinking and the avoidance of spillage.

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