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CRAFT - 6 colors... tons of excitement!

Made in England by Steelite, boasts reactive glazes of a bygone era with the tough, restaurant durability that made Steelite famous. Selected Craft Dinnerware is now available for your home dining experience, by the piece so that you can design your service based on your lifestyle. Click the link at left to see Craft.

8 oz Invitation Martini Glass TASTE - 16 piece set CRAFT FREESTYLE - 16 Piece Set
Our Price $15.75
Our Price $169.95
Our Price $389.00
Steelite Craft Dinnerware Set
Let the Drama begin... This just might be the perfect set... Steelite's newest creation "Craft" takes the market by storm!
Nick & Nora with Vintage Dots- 6 Pack CRAFT WHITE - 16 Piece Set Monogrammed Wine Stems - Set of 6
Our Price $59.95
Our Price $219.95
Normal Price $79.95
Holiday Special! $50.00
Steelite Craft Dinnerware Set
Classic retro shape is this year's hit! Steelite's newest creation "Craft" takes the market by storm! Perfect Gift Idea...
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Valentines Day is for Wine Lovers Personalized Carafe Set CRAFT - 16 Piece Set 40 pc Set - Zen 18/10 Flatware withTraditional Dinner Knife
Our Price: $39.99
Our Price $219.95
Our Price $319.95
Valentines Day is for Lovers Carafe Set Steelite Craft Dinnerware Set
Valentines Day is for Lovers Personalized Carafe Set
Steelite's newest creation "Craft" takes the market by storm! Highly polished, sleek style
Ovation 18/10 Flatware - 40 pc - Service for 8 Solid Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug TERRAMESA - 16 Piece Set
Our Price $279.50
Each Price $27.50
Our Price $249.95
Steelite Terramesa Dinnerware Set
Highly polished, sleek style Moscow Mule Mug
Artisan appeal with commercial durability... a winning combination!

The Paris Coupe Champagne and the Nick & Nora cocktail glasses evoke the glitz and glamour of another time when top hats, long white gloves... and manners ruled. Re-discover Minners Classic Cocktail offerings, beautifully produced by Rona exclusively for Steelite.

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  • All Dinnerware is Commercial Grade
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer to Oven Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Conforms will all FDA & California Prop 65 Requirements