I want a casual, every day set for my family.....

Best Choice is Taste by Steelite -
  1. It's not round, it's not square... it's contemporary
  2. Manufactured by Steelite in England
  3. It will stack very compactly in your cupboard
  4. It is durable enough for everyday use, used by restaurants everywhere!
  5. You can start small and expand your service with a large variety of shapes
  6. Click the picture at left to purchase a 16 piece set
10" Spice Plate
The 10" dinner plate is most likely your "go to" plate for everyday service. It measures 10" x 9". It looks a tiny bit small but the whole surface is the food area, so in reality, it's big enough for most meals.
Cup & Saucer
Forget them.... not needed for a contemporary set
12 oz Quench Mug
The quench mug is a great shape and 12 oz is the right size. The large handle provides a 3-finger grip so it's stable for young and old. Perfect for morning coffee, hot chocolate on cold winter nights, or a relaxing cup of camomile tea after dinner.  Trust us on this one....
6 1/2" Essence BowlThere are many bowl choices but our recommendation is the 6 1/2" Essence bowl. Most sets you buy at a retail level have a 9" rim soup. While we sell this shape too, we wouldn't recommend it for kids because it is too shallow and not stable when carrying from the kitchen to the family room. The essence bowl has a total capacity of 19 oz  and the conical shape enables it to be a small and a large bowl all in one. It's the perfect cereal bowl too.
8" Spice PlateThe 8" Spice plate measures 8" x 7". this size makes it a perfect plate for snacks, sides, desserts, single portions. If your kids go to the cupboard to grab a plate for something, it'll be this plate.
6" Spice Plate
For the basic set, skip this one. It's too small.

The following are items you can add to enhance your  set.....
12" Spice PlateThis plate is 12" by 10 1/4"and by dinnerware standards is large. This writer uses the 10" plate above as the dinner plate 95% of the time. For extra large meals, like a rack of ribs, or a huge steak... the 12" plate might be the preferred choice. I personally have 8 of the 10" and only 4 of the 12". It's a good idea to have at least 2 12" for those extra large entrees, as well as using them for a family portion serving plate.
12" Zest Platter
The Zest platter might be better described as a bowl. It measures 12" x 10" and is 1 3/4" deep. This is the perfect adult sized dinner salad bowl, pasta bowl, or a large family style serving bowl. It's good to keep a couple of these on hand.
10" Zest Platter
Measuring 10 1/4" x 9 1/2", the Zest platter also is big enough for dinner salads and pasta. It also makes a nice "steam in a bag" veggie bowl as well. Get 2 of these too for a well stocked cupboard.

With the above selections as your foundation, you can add any shape from the Steelite Performance body, and the body color will match perfectly.