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Vesuvius by Steelite Photo Gallery

The Vesuvius range is a collection of three stunning reactive glazes, including Amber, Lapis and Burnt Emerald. Taking their names from some of nature’s more precious materials, these glazes compliment and contrast with each other and provide a rich and exciting platform for today’s eclectic and diverse menus.
Finished with a reactive glaze, each piece comes with its own organic look and is one-of-a-kind and due to the finishing technique, variations in glaze and color are to be expected, bringing the organic look of nature itself directly onto your tabletop.

New VESUVIUS is part of Steelite’s Performance Line which has been developed to meet the most demanding standards of practicality and presentation. Offering an unrivaled combination of exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, Steelite’s Performance will showcase your food to perfection, creating an impactful first impression. With coupe plates that range from 11 3/4″ down to 6″ and bowls to match and more, VESUVIUS has just the right size serving piece for nearly every course that a creative home chef may be serving.

As seen below, the new VESUVIUS dinnerware colors are perfect for mixing and matching with the INK dinnerware lineup of colors and designs to give talented home chefs even more options to create a unique table top experience!