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Measuring 8" x 7", this spice plate from Steelite's Taste dinnerware, will be a favorite in your home. This is the plate your family will grab for snacks and small bites of all kinds. It's the bread and butter plate, the side plate, and the dessert plate. With so many functions, you'll want to buy more of these as to not run out.

One excellent feature with the spice plate is that Steelite maintains the same plate thickness throughout the range. This not only adds to the durability, but it also maintains a consistent feel over the tabletop. This is one of those "little big things" that only comes about through professional engineering and a thorough knowledge of how product is actually used. It explains why Steelite has been elevated to the "preferred choice" in the world of commercial dinnerware.

The entire Taste line stacks very compactly, a feature that restaurants love! The bottom of the plate is pin fired in the English tradition. Click Here to learn about the uniqueness of pin firing.

Performance Dinnerware Body - The ranges in the Performance collection have been developed to meet the exacting standards of practicality and presentation. Performance offers an unrivaled combination of value, exceptional durability and great looks!

  • Excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance assures the product will stand up to the pressures of the most demanding kitchen environments.
  • Can withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Excellent heat retaining properties ensure that food temperatures will be maintained
  • Durable edge construction
  • Multifunctional and stackable
  • Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwater safe
  • Twice fired for a more durable finish