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We get calls all the time from people who see our products at their favorite restaurant and they want to enjoy them in their home too. Here are the TOP FIVE requests! Click the pics to see our offerings!

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Our Sheer Bowl

Slanted, rounded... tall in the back, short in the front... Others have copied the sheer bowl but we're the only company that has perfected it. The Sheer Bowl is the number one item people see in restaurants and then inquire about.


Artisan glazes in 4 colors on our restaurant durable Steelite Performance body... a winning combination! The only problem with Craft is that it's difficult to keep in stock.... Craft is very, very popular!
Anything Rona

Rona makes extraordinarily graceful stemware and barware. It's barium crystaline composition makes it a durable choice for restaurants everywhere. So whenever form and function both "nail it," you have a great combination. Rona is simply the right choice...


The standing knife is Zen's signature. Mirror finish on Zen's 18/10 stainless body... nice to hold, remarkably well balanced. You will never regret buying Zen...

Steelite's Performance body in rounded square shapes are a restaurant favorite around the globe. Contemporary shapes that stack compactly... freezer to oven... enormous heat retention, Taste has everything that a restaurant needs, including great looks and total functionality.